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My Fiance is Jewish and I am Christian so we are working together to form our own Ceremony.  I was hoping for some help on what is usually included in a Jewish ceremony, my fiance has been busy but I want to make sure to include important areas for him.  My Fiance isn't extremely religious but he has a couple family member that re orthodox, and in no way want to offend anyone during our ceremony.  I am not very familiar with many traditions other then breaking the glass. Thank you for the help in advance.

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    2dBride2dBride member
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    You might want to check out our ceremony text, at this link, for an example of a non-Orthodox Jewish ceremony.  You can also find explanations of the customs in our program, which you can download from this link.
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    There are lots of really good books out there and online tools can certainly tell you the various parts of what encompases a Jewish ceremony.  After you've familarized yourself, you'll really need to sit down and talk with your FI to decide what facets of each you'll include that'll be meaning for the two of you and also be nice for your families.
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    tenofcups4metenofcups4me member
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    I can't tell you what would be important to your FH, but I can tell you what I usually see at interfaith weddings, including my own. Most of it is cultural tradition, rather than religion per se.

    - Chuppah
    - Bride and groom each walk down the aisle with mother and father
    - Parents stand under the chuppah with the couple and wedding party
    - Breaking of the glass at the end
    - Ketubah (I didn't have one the first time I got married and regretted it)
    - Hora at the reception
    - Crowning of the parents at reception if applicable

    If the orthodox guests attend you'd need to make sure they have kosher food, which I'm assuming you wouldn't serve to the rest of the guests.
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    apaige307apaige307 member
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    i am having an interfaith ceremony that we got from a Rabbi, I can email you a copy of it if you message me your email.  It has a little of everything and my finance was really pleased with it as was I (and both of our parents!)...although everyone is different, it will be a good start!
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    Thanks for all the help ladies,  and in response to you apaige307 I'd love to have you email me your program so I could get a start on our ceremony.   I private messaged you my email, Thanks!

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    daliaspekdaliaspek member
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    I think a chuppa is pretty important. If you choose to do that and want to go with a contemporary chuppa I suggest you check out this website:

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