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How do you define "traditional conservative judaism"?

I only ask because I saw some responses in the introductions post that said "traditional egalitarian conservative".  I would define traditional conservative as fundamentally non-egalitarian, so I'm just curious how others define it.

The Knot lost my info, but, I've been married since 6/19/05!
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Re: How do you define "traditional conservative judaism"?

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    I wrote that for mine...
     I was just going to write Conservative but saw that other people wrote trad-egal conservative so I figured that best defined my wedding.
    funny though... I always thought conservative was by nature egalitarian. The only people I know who are "conservative" and not egal go to "conservadox" shuls. 

    So to explain...
    -my wedding (ceremony and reception) are in my family's conservative shul
    -we are doing a bedeken & ketubah signing, the ketubah will be Traditional Aramaic with Leiberman clause. during which I will be giving my Fi a small gift (like a ketubah/pen/cufflinks) that will equalize the exchange of rings (my rabbi explained it really well)
    -I will circle around him 3 times, he will circle around me 3 times and we will circle each other 1 time. 

    actually not sure what else, but hope this helps!

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    I put that on mine, and I define it as separate but equal. There are things that women do, and things men do. I think what makes it conservative to me is that I can still be counted in minyan, have a bat mitzvah and read torah. but I don't want to do things like break a glass, and I didn't have DH circle, just me. Does that make sense?
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    I'm sorry!  I don't know how I missed the first reponse to this!

    It's very interesting, because, to me, the very definition of "traditional conservative judaism" is non-egalitarian, but, as I read your responses, I wonder if that's because I'm older than you guys.    When I was growing up, there was no such thing as egalitarianism in the conservative movement, at least not recognized by the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism.  It wasn't until they began recognizing women as rabbis, in 1983, that shuls began changing over to egalitarian.  When that happened, shuls began defining themselves as traditional OR egalitarian.

    I guess, if you always grew up with egalitarianism, that is traditional conservative to you, as you know it.  It's funny, because I also believe that there are things that women do and things that men do, but I define those things differently and not equal.  Interesting to hear other insights into this. 

    Thanks for your responses!!
    The Knot lost my info, but, I've been married since 6/19/05!
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