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FI doesn't believe in religion.

My fiance doesn't believe in God or religion. But I am Jewish and would really like to be married by a Rabbi.  Have you guys ever heard of a reform Rabbi performing a ceremony for a situation like this? We really just like to incorporate some of the traditions in our ceremony. Not about God and religion. Any recommendations?
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Re: FI doesn't believe in religion.

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    You might want to try looking for an interfaith rabbi. They are normally much more open to different religious views than a traditional rabbi, reform or not.

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    My wife and I were married by a rabbi, even though she is an atheist.  Our ceremony text included references to God only in Hebrew, not in English.  As the PP noted, the rabbi is going to consider it an interfaith ceremony (even though technically, there is only one faith involved).  Thus, you need to find one that will perform interfaith ceremonies.  You might check Interfaith Weddings for a referral.
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    You say he doesn't believe in God or religion, is he still Jewish?  If so, a Reform rabbi (or some) may not have issues and you can certainly tailor aspects of the ceremony that'll make him feel comfortable and be meaningful for you.

    I know plenty of Jews who are far from religious or believe in God, yet whether for family or because they always wanted anyway, have had a Jewish wedding.  So don't be discouraged; it may take some time to find someone but it's doable.  Definitely check out interfaithfamily's website - they have a referral system so you may be able to find a rabbi through there.  GL.
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    My FI is athiest and he was raised catholic but we are having a jewish ceremony officiated by the reform rabbi in town.
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    My FI is an atheist (no religious background) who hates religion, but attended a 9 month conversion course (without converting) led by our Rabbi, joined the Temple with me, and comes to services. It's a balancing act, and we're both compromising (I went from Orthodoxy to Reform, she went from hating on it to nominally participating). I never thought I'd leave Orthodoxy and she never thought she'd ever willingly go to a religious service, but the compromise has really made our relationship stronger. I'm not saying that your FI or you should or will change, but I did want to tell you my story and note that sometimes, people can compromise on these things. 
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    if you are ok with few God references, you might actually want to look into a Humanistic Rabbi... we talked to one (the other two we talked to were reform) while looking for a Rabbi to perform an interfaith ceremony.  He was all about the Jewish traditions but said that he doesn't talk to/about God himself.  So if other people were doing readings, there could be God language... but it is very much about the couple rather than religion.
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    I am agnostic and my FI is Jewish.  He wanted to have a Rabbi (which I am completely fine with.).  We found our Rabbi on Interfaith Marriage. 
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    Good afternoon,
    I am Rabbi Michael Raab, an Interfaith Rabbi. You can email me at [email protected] for any questions that you may have.
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