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Music suggestions for ceremony and reception

We are planning to have a violinist and keyboardist for our wedding.  Can you recommend songs that work well with this combination of instruments for both ceremony and reception?  I would like them to play Jewish music as well as more contemporary songs.  Your thoughts are appreciated!

Re: Music suggestions for ceremony and reception

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    Here is a list of songs that my harpist sent me from her repertoire. I think they would work well for a violinist and keyboard.  You may want to ask them if they have a list of songs they know.

    Al Kol Eleh
    Artsa Alinu
    Bashana Habaoah
    Chorsha HaEucaliptus
    Dodi Li
    Eile Chamda Libi.
    Erev Ba
    Erev Shel Shoshanim
    Hanaova Babanot
    Havah Nagilah
    Hevenu Shalom
    Hine Ma Tov
    Kol Nidre
    L'cha Dodi
    Lokha Dodi
    Mitzva Godola
    Old Yishoma
    Siman Tov
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    Most, if not all of the above, can be done on the violin.  How it'll sound on the piano I'm not sure, but there are many arrangements for piano your musicians can find.  You should definitely ask what they have played and if you don't like the list provided, figure out some pieces you'd like them to play and then go from there.

    We had a string trio and they had a few of the arrangements already, the others they were able to find in a book and the fallback charge to me was only $20.

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    mickeypottermickeypotter member
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    I would argue that not all the songs above are relevent for weddings.
    Kol Nidre--I don't want to think about Yom Kippur during a wedding
    Hatikvah--Israeli national anthem? Not a wedding song
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