June 2012 Weddings

I got to meet Daniel Craig!!! <3

I did a favor for my FSIL. A friend of hers needed some people to run tapes and time interviews for a movie. I wasn't at all excited about it, and was kind of wanting to cancel. Last night I found out what movie it was for and I was super excited. It ended up being for Cowboys and Aliens. I got to see Harrison Ford and the chick that is in it. (I forget her name) I was in the interview tent with Daniel Craig. I got to shake his hand and everything! Even stare at him for hours. He even called me Sweetie! (Insert girly giggle here) He is a very nice man. He was very friendly and even complimented the press ladies on their outfits. :)

I have to admit, I laughed on the inside when I saw a ton of LA chicks wearing "cowgirl" outfits. They were kind of silly, but I get the fun in it. Also, they were all excited when the cowboys brought the cattle in. (They were using the two cowboys and the cattle as a backdrop for the interviews.) They were all taking pictures of them and getting pictures of eachother by the cows. Hee he!

It was a once and a lifetime experience and really enjoyed it. I just wanted to share. :)
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