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Re: Friday rant/rave

  • mgoss228mgoss228 member
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    Rant: There never seems to be enough hours in the day!  FI and I still don't have a caterer, and we didn't do the research/quote requests that I was hoping to do last weekend.  We decided to work on it after FI's birthday (in five days).

    Rave:  We ordered our STD photo/magnets last night (from Vista print).  FI was so awesome and helped SO much. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE him!  He put together a jpeg of two photos of us; one from when we first started dating (6 1/2 years ago!) and one from our e-session.  I am so not tech savvy, and am happy he was able to figure out our scanner (for the old photo).  I especially love that he seemed as excited/anxious as I am for the STDs to arrive. 

    Rave #2:  Homecoming tomorrow at UW!  Go Dawgs!
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    Rant: Planning has stalled and I can't seem to get things done.  Looks like my bachelorette plans to go to vegas are a bust, but I'll get to do something local.  Kind of sucks since FI is going to Costa Rica for his! 

    Rave: TGIF! Shopping with my mom for her dress this weekend.  Music selections are coming along slowly and are making me very excited.
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    Rant: I feel like death. Today the nausea is so bad that I haven't been able to get out of bed other than to crawl to the bathroom.

    Rave: We heard the heartbeat on Tuesday and we have a very healthy 166bpm. Yesterday and today I have felt lots of fluttering. I swear this little one is swimming in there.
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    Rant: It's been a long week at work! Glad it's over.
    Rave: Went to Urban Unvailed last night- found it very inspirational. Won a $250.00 gift certificate to some event rental company... can't remember which one. I'll have to look it up and see if anyone else wants it, cause I won't need it.

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    Rant: My FI got called in to work!! We have the Sip N' Scan tonight and we planned to go to The Melting Pot afterward for date night.  :(  Have to cancel that...

    Rave: I got the STD's done!  We are going to order them this weekend.  Yahoo! I'm looking forward to getting those in the mail.
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  • ArchelArchel member
    edited December 2011
    Rant: Still looking for transportation and someone to do my hair. :p  Not enough hours in the day.

    Rave: Excited for a wedding planning weekend! Meeting with: DOC, caterer, and baker. Getting decorations figured out, and ironing out several little details.  Oh, also, it's my RSVP deadline and I only have about 3 people to contact! Yay!
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    Pixel's Mom. I still need to book a rental company. :)
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    I know it's techinically Sunday, but oh well.

    Rant: So, I totally hurt my back trying to get dressed Friday morning. I ended up in the ER because holy moly, I have NEVER felt pain like that in my life. It's terrible. I'm stuck on the couch and won't be able to go back to work until at least Wednesday.

    Rave: FI is amazing! He's been taking care of me with no complaints. I love him so much :o)
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    Kinmir30, where should I email you the info to?
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