Work shower?

So my colleagues want to throw me a shower at school (toward the end of the year when it's closer)...What is the protocol for inviting people from work. I'm only close with a couple of teachers, who are invited, but am I obligated to invite everyone to the wedding??

I kind of feel bad taking presents from them when they aren't invited...

Re: Work shower?

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    This is hard. If they are going to have a shower for you at school, let them throw it. I don't feel like you would have anything to do with it, therefore no one is entitled to an invite. If you are apart of the planning process and it is at a different location, I think you may wanna opt out of it and tell the person who is throwing it that you'd love to have them at your other bridal shower.

    Is the person who'd like to throw you a shower invited to the wedding or not? If not, that might be bad. you may wanna tell them that you'd prefer to keep wedding related things away from the workplace.

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    As long as YOU don't plan/host the shower, it's not in poor etiquette to not invite everyone who attends.  It can make you feel awkward though.  I know that last year at the school I work at, someone was getting married, so we threw her a shower, but NONE of us were invited and everyone was cool with it.  I think work showers are pretty common.  I know that the people at my work know I'm not having a huge wedding, and I think someone suggested I choose a "representative" to be a work invited guest to go on behalf of everyone, lol.  I kind of like the idea, because then no one can reasonably feel left out!
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    I agree with Jennyann... as long as they understand it doesn't mean they will be invited to the wedding it is okay. I would also let the host know so if there is some buzz about it he/she can spread the word. FI and I have both had this come up and I have told them it is fine if they want to throw me a shower, but just to understand that not everyone is invited to the wedding... and yes FI's coworkers are so excited they are throwing him a shower at his work lol. I am supposed to attend with him though.
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    I agree.  As long as they know, its fine.  And its pretty common.  That has happened several times at my work.  People want to be involved and celebrate with you, even if they're not invited. 
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    Okay thanks you guys. They started talking about it at school this week and I started freaking out! I don't think they expect to be invited...they always throw showers for whoever is having a baby or a wedding or whatever...

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