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i need help figureing out a color scheme for my june wedding. i love the chocolate and teal combo but think thats to winter.

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  • Im leaning towards chocolate (going with stick centerpieces) and shades of green, I don't think brown and teal is winter, it would be pretty :)
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  • I think it is a fine color combo for summer. If you want to make it more summery, you could do that lighter robins egg blue color or have teal as your main color with brown accents? I think it will be fine though. :)
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  • I think it would be fine! I like the suggestion of using the robin's egg blue, that may make it more "springy"

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  • A malibu blue along with brown would be perfect!  I would just make sure the brown is used to compliment the malibu blue :-)
  • I think it would be great for a June wedding!  There has been a real shift recently about seasons and color combinations.  Most people say, if you love the colors, use them no matter what time of year it is.  My cousin got married in June and used deep red with black and white.  Most people would only think to do that during winter, but it was beautiful.
  • You could fade out the brown to be more beige with a few darker brown accents.  It'll look great!   Or, you could add in a little light pink or yellow to lighted the entire feel up.

    Look at the wedding blogs...teal has been a hot color for the last year and I'm sure you'll find plenty of inspiration.
  • I'm using red, black and white, which like Jul said, is usually a winter combination.  I think these days you can use whatever colors you want, so go for it!!!  Maybe use the brown as an accent and use more teal.  Teal is nice and bright.  It'll look great!

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  • I agree with PP, unless you yourself really don't want those colors, go ahead and use them!  Personally I feel teal has a very spring/summery look to it, and I see no issues with matching it with chocolate, I actually really do love that color combination!
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  • I think it would be great. My sister is using turquoise and black (very similar looks to teal and brown) for her July wedding and it looks goregous!
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  • I think it would be lovely for a summer wedding! If those are the colors you want to use I say go for it.
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    [QUOTE]I'm using red, black and white, which like Jul said, is usually a winter combination.  I think these days you can use whatever colors you want, so go for it!!! 
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    Me too! i was also worried initially but everyone kept telling me that seasons/color combos really don't matter anymore - go with what you really want!
  • If those are the colors you want to use go for it.
  • ok thanks every one im doing my bridesmaid dresses brown with teal sash and flower girls are the opposite the cake it three layers and gonna be brown with a lighter brown barbed wire trim
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    Our colors are going to be tan brown and like a kelly to a hunter green. I know its corny but we are very earthy and loved the green grass dirty idea haha. Our flowers will be sunflowers and daisies!

    Do you think that will be an okay look?
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