June 2012 Weddings

So disappointed!

A couple weeks ago my fiance and I had a carry out cake tasting from a bakery near where we will be getting married.  We had to do a carry out one because they are so busy on Saturdays that they don't schedule cake tastings on that day and we were only there for the weekend so we weren't actually able to meet with anyone and discuss the type of cake we wanted.  We loved the cake, it was the same bakery that my brother used for his wedding.  We were told that we could work with them through emails and phone calls to get a price quote and sketch.  It took them two weeks to finally get back to me with a sketch and price quote and the picture was really sloppy.  It didn't seem like she took any time to do it and ignored some of the parts that I wanted included.  I'm so disappointed now and don't feel like going through the hassle of trying to get the sketch fixed since it took them this long to get back to me.  So it's back to searching for a cake baker.  I guess on a happier note that means more cake tastings!
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