Bridal Shower on A Friday Night

What do you think about this?
I have only been to a few that were mid-afternoon on a Sunday. So would you come if you had enough notice? Also, what could be a cool theme as far as it being in the evening- what typr of food/decor? How should the night flow? I don't want people to feel obligated to stay too late.

If I did this option it would be one week before my wedding, I know it's very late but my sis/moh can't miss work for 3 weeks. Would the sunday before my saturday wedding be better?

Any suggestions would be great!

Re: Bridal Shower on A Friday Night

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    I voted for Saturday afternoon (6 days before). All of the Showers I've attended have occurred sometime in the afternoon.  Yeah, it would be a long day for girls going to both the Bachelorette and the Shower, but they'll live.  I wouldn't have it Sunday, because if your Bachelorette is the Saturday before, you might not be in the best condition for another WR party Wink.
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    I agree... you might want to have some recovery time on Sunday! I like the Saturday option the best, but I think Friday works, too. 
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    Thanks so much for your help! I talked to my bridesmaid's and it sounds like we might be set on doing them both on Saturday! Thanks girls!
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