June 2012 Weddings

AW: Dress (PIP) and Colors!

FI finally decided on a color this weekend.  I went to DB and bought a few swatches to bring home for him.  He likes their Wine color and he likes Grey.  I may add some accents of Champagne in, just to make things a little lighter.  Wine was my second choice, so I'm glad he agreed!

I had no intentions of buying a dress this weekend, if I had found one that I liked.  We tried this dress on and found out it was on sale until Monday for a really good deal.  We had tried on a few more later in the afternoon and kept comparing it to this one, so we decided to just to stick with it!

It is an Oleg Cassini.
This is wayyy too long of a veil and it is not the one I purchased.  I bought a shorter veil with a blusher.

The Back:

I had intended on wearing heels for the wedding, but if I bought the Petite size of this dress I wouldn't have to pay for the 120 dollar hem.  It fit perfect.  Since it's an outdoor wedding I'm sure I would regret heels anyways.

I had a great weekendLaughing
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