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Can I Vent?

So I am a teacher, I teach at a small private school.  I have a full Kindergarten class and then when they are off doing art or music or gym or whatever, I teach French 1-10 grade as well.
Well, we are having a holiday party this year for my Kindergarteners right before break.  I will be teaching them about the various holidays over the next few weeks (Xmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, etc) so they get a little bit of history/culture on each of them.  For the holiday party, I was going to have Santa come in, have us play the dreidel game and also something Kwanzaa related.  I asked the lady who owns the school (and pretends to run it, but she doesn't really do much) about it and she said everything was okay EXCEPT SANTA.  WTF?  She said she doesn't want to portray this as being a religious school.  Which is BS considering the dreidel and whatever Kwanazaa thing I choose will also be religious.  She's very strongly atheist, but she also seems pretty anti-Christain (she has side-eyed the cross I wear around my neck more than once).

How lame.  The kids would have loved it :(
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