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Just found my invites!..... pending FI's approval, anyway.

I was looking for free invite template downloads, and I found these:


Design Betty isn't free, but I got the invite template for $5 and the notecard for $2. I say $7 is affordable :)

I did a mock up but I don't know if you can see it okay. The templates were 2 to a page, so I did two different ideas on the invites:

Aren't they *so* pretty??? My colors are light purple with accents of red. These are a little more pink than I envisioned, but the background is just an image and I can change it in any photo editing software. Wiggle.

Here's the notecard, which I designed to be an RSVP card and a... thing:

Sorry for the weird menu at the top; I just did a screenshot and missed cutting that part off.

Since it's basically an image and then text in a Word document, I can change anything I want however I want. I'll print them on cardstock probably; gotta look into uploading it somewhere vs. home printer vs. Staples/Kinkos/whatnot.

Any thoughts? I just did these mockups in a few minutes, so don't be afraid to tell me if something's super funky on them, it won't break my heart. ;)
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Re: Just found my invites!..... pending FI's approval, anyway.

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