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Am I the Only One? (vent)

Am I the only one we has done absolutely nothing with wedding planning? After what everyone has done I'm realizing I haven't done anything at all except got a ceremony spot...how do you all find time to plan? I just don't have the time with school and all. I have 3 classes, teaching one course, and I am working on a publication and 2 conference presentations. I thought I would be checking out reception sites and making more appointments over spring break but that isn't going to happen because I have to stay here in IL to work on these publications and conference presentations. This summer isn't looking good either because I'm taking 3 classes and I have a conference in July in ATL. I'm so busy I can't think about wedding planning, and now I feel that I'm not going to be able to pull this off. I feel I need to book things but I have no time to go to VA this is pure madness. Maybe this whole wedding just won't happen Cry
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