Shoes! SHOES! shoes!!!

I need help!
I just don't know what to do... :(

My FI & I are the same height. So, I am leaning towards flats. (He said he'd wear lifts, aw how sweet, but that's ok)

I am having the worse time finding shoes I like. I am a shoe whore & am very picky when it comes to them. ESPECIALLY my wedding shoes!

The wedding is 7/24.
The guys are all wearing pewter & black checkered Vans.
The BM dresses are long & black.
The colors are Black, White & Green (a bright green grassy green).
Since the guys are wearing Vans, I thought it would be cute of all us girls wore those glittered chucks...
But then all of our feet would sweat! It's a cute idea, but it wont work...
Then I was thinking the girls could all wear silver havaianas & I could wear the pearl white ones... but then that might not be "enough". Then, I thought the girls could wear silver rhinestone flip flops & I could get a pair too, just a little fancier... But i can't find ANYTHING! 
I have been to zappos.com shoes.com shoebuy.com pepperlime.com nordstrom macys dsw & about 20 wedding shoe websites.... AAHH!! 

Any ideas on what we SHOULD wear?  Or where to get them? I don't really care too much on the price... I mean I'll spend up to $100 or a little more on my shoes. Anything you've seen that you think would work?

Re: Shoes! SHOES! shoes!!!

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