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Vent (WR, but not mine)

A few weeks ago my mother received an invitation to my cousin's wife's surprise bridal shower.  I know, it sounds bizarre.  My cousin, X, was engaged to a lovely girl from Brazil, W, who wanted to visit her dying mother back home.  Unfortunately, due to the economy and other problems, the US government isn't too quick to allow foreign residents back into the country even if all of their paperwork is 100% legit, so X and W had a quick courthouse marriage so she could go home and come back to the US.

Well they ended up having a big PPD in Brazil, with her whole family and X's mother, stepfather, and half-brother present.  Now they're back home in the US, settled in, and several months later X's mother, Aunt A, is throwing W a surprise bridal shower.

I didn't mind it too much at first.  None of their friends and almost none of X's family attended the wedding in Brazil, so I figured this was just Aunt A's way of celebrating with the other half of the family without throwing an entire second reception - plus, Aunt A doesn't have a daughter of her own and *always* wanted one.  Heck, I could even overlook the fact that I was simply listed on my mother's invitation; none of my relatives have my address and I'm not even sure most of them know I don't live with my parents anymore.

Except now, apparently, they're having another wedding.  My mother received the invitation the other day - listing her and my dad.  My sister, brother and I aren't invited, and I'm kind of offended.  But we already RSVP'd for the shower, AND I've already paid for a gift!

Am I being utterly ridiculous for being offended by this?  And please, lay it on me if I am.  I had ignored my own reservations about them having a PPD after JOP'ing it, glad I hadn't had to deal with an invitation, but now I just feel offended that I was invited to the shower but not the third wedding.  While part of me doesn't really want to indulge them in a second PPD, it does sting a little that I wasn't even included.

I know it's certainly not W's fault, she doesn't even know about the shower, but I feel like Aunt A should have some kind of an idea of who is invited to the wedding and who isn't (especially since we're from her side of the family!), and should have thought out the shower invites accordingly.  I also feel a little deceived, as the RSVP date for the shower was clearly well before the invitations were even sent, meaning I didn't even have a chance to say no to the shower after realizing I hadn't been invited to the wedding.

Either sympathies or smacking some sense into me, I would appreciate it.
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