Buying BM dresses online?

angstocker22 wrote in Trisha's BM dress post below:
Also, the dress is $180. So that leads me to a question - one of my BM says she wants to look for it online or in another boutique, for a better price. Trisha, this might be a question you will be asked... I don't know what to tell her.. At first I told her, well see what you can find and get back to me & then we will decide what to do... But then another one of my BM said she didn't mind the price. Does it matter where they get it?

My take is that it doesn't matter where they get it so long as you don't care if the dresses are from the same "dye lot", your BM buys the dress from a reputable online vendor who's not likely to rip her off, and she knows her own measurements so she can order the right size. 

Personally, I don't know that I'd see or care about the difference in dye lots, so I don't think I'd care, but some ppl are more exacting than me.  I'd also check reviews of the different shops to make sure my BM's go to a reputable one, and I'd ask my girls to have their measurements done by a professional to ensure as much accuracy as possible.

Other thoughts?

Re: Buying BM dresses online?

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    To me, the whole "dye lot" thing is sort of a scare tactic these days used by stores to encourage brides to place the whole order there even though it's not always convenient to all the BMs. Now that colors are computer-managed, there are a lot less variations in color that are visible to the naked eye. I was in a wedding a few months back where all the girls' dresses came from 3 different stores and you would definitely not be able to pick out any that looked different from the others. (Not to say that there can never be a variation, but it is not common and more of a quality control issue than anything else.) For what it's worth, ordering at the same time from the same place doesn't guarantee the same dye lot either--when a bolt of fabric is out, the next dress is coming from the next bolt. Of course, if your BM finds a significantly lower price, you could just place the order all together as you would in a bridal store.

    My only concern would be to make sure the online company is an authorized retailer and that the girls are getting professionally fitted--and not just guessing at their size or ordering their street size.
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    Thank you carrieoz_76 for posting this for me.

    That's very true about dye lot. I actually work in a window covering company and to us, dye lot means a lot when it comes to fabric. But, I still don't see it being THAT important to get them all from the same place. Maybe if my one BM finds the dresses at a great online price, the rest will buy them there too. I would if it would save me some $.

    Melissa82, good point about them being an authorized retailer. Once she finds the site(s) I will research them. I don't want them all to be up ____ creek w/o a paddle!

    The BM dresses we picked out are at Pearls & Lace in Burien. Do they go there to get their measurements taken, even if they go w/an online store? Or do they just take their own measurements? Scary!

    Thanks ladies!
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    i agree with that authorized retailer but not so much the dye lot. I agree with Melissa that they are usually managed by a computer so the variation wouldn't be that noticeable. i would definately let my girls buy the dress from whereever they wanted as long as it was exactly the same and it would be here on time. i like places you can actually go to because from my experience, it seems that they solve problems more quickly.

    i found the cheapest place to get my girls dresses, plus i'm paying for some of the dress. and we get a discount.. so it is ending up being in a price range everyone was willing to spend.
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    Sarack, do you think all places give a discount?
    I got my dress at DB. But if we get all 5 BM dresses at the same boutique, is there an option of a discount?

    I agree with going to an actual boutique for issues that may arise, that way someone is figuring them out for you and it's less stress on the wedding party. But I also want my BM to get a good deal.
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