So excited!!!

I just found out from the church's wedding planner that we can use these candleabras for our ceremony FREE of charge, and they include candles too!!! The only down part is I really want the white draping you can sort of see in one but they want to charge me for set up..

Re: So excited!!!

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    Yay for freebies!  As for the draping, you'll just need to figure out if what they want to charge is worth it to you.
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    Yay.  And that's a very pretty church.
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    Thumbs up! Yay for freebies!  :)  It's a gorgeous church!
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    nice! there are so few freebies and gimmies in wedding planning so it's soooooooooo nice when something goes your way
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    SO pretty! Can you do your own drapping? Or is that a no no? or is the cost difference not worth doing your own?
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    the church is gorgeous! if the price for set up isn't that much, i say do it. :) yay for free stuff!
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