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We may have found the one...

Nothing to do with weddings...
This is referring to my post back in December. Well unfortunately I never did get the job as a Wellness Specialist but I have been picking up clients like crazy for the new year! My Personal Training business is picking up!! Whoot Whoot.

ANNNND....last week the FI and I were driving around looking at houses and neighborhoods that were for sale that we found on the internet. Well we were in disgust at all these houses....when we stumbled upon this little gray house with a big red door and cute little trimmings. Just to our luck, there she was "FOR SALE BY OWNER" sign in the front yard. It was tucked away in this rural little area right across from a big old pond (I'm a country girl trying to make it in the Chicagoland area, please forgive me.) So Trent put that car in reverse, and I took out my handy dandy notebook and wrote that dang phone number down! We called them and it just happened to be in the LOW end of our price range.

So what is the catch....
We went to see the house this weekend and this very nice Christian man said that he had been building this house with his son, when the good Lord took his son away. =( He stopped building it for awhile because he was too depressed. He finally finished it and it seems like everything had fell through with all the other offers he had got. He said he had been praying that God would send the right people to him to buy this house. (Sorry if your not a religious person but it made me believe it was fate. LOL)

Anywhoo...the only downside is that it is SMALL. But everything is brand  spankin new, never been lived in and it is so cute with a big back yard. But hey, it is our first home. We don't plan to live here forever. And it is much bigger than the apartments we were about to resort to, that would cost us much much more to live in.

So, we may have found the one..... Will keep you posted on what is to come!! Keep your fingers crossed/ send the good vibes/ say a little prayer for me (whatever it is that you do.) =) 
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