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Perceived vs real

I looks at pictures of you ladies on here & i am like wow i expected her to look more "hard" or sweet looking or  this or that or whatever. 

Am i the only one that does this?

What started this is that i LOVE some people's pictures, but i would have never expected those pictures to be them, they don't match their posts lol. 

The pic that got me started on this is you dodgers, i LOVE the way you & your fiance look in your pic, your gorgeous, you look like you have a bit of sassiness, etc etc etc but in posts you have more attitude (not sayin it in a bad way) than one would know by looking at your pic. (sorry to single you out but i had to tell you that i love that pic of the 2 of you)

Other people look so sweet & innocent, but you can tell with their posts they aren't. Please tell me i am not the only one lol.
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