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Just wanted to say a little hello!

I am delightfully surprised that there is actually a board for this month/year even though it feels like it's so far out! 

My Fi and I got engaged May 31st of this year! We were originally going to do it of June next year but decided against it (not enough time to get everything together). But we made the better choice, which will be June 9, 2012. Love the fact that they are all multiples of 3. 

I am working on Masters, in hopes of getting into vet school (how am I supposed to plan a proper wedding when I am spending all my time filling out 10 applications?!?) And I will be applying next year if I don't get in again also (more months of agonizing pain). 

We already have our deposit down on our venue as of Tuesday. If I am going to have  to wait so long, I want to make sure I get everything I want! It may be a bit too early but I just don't want to hear the word "NO!" 

Anyways congrats to all of you! And hope to learn a lot more about all of you. 

Re: Just wanted to say a little hello!

  • Congratulations!!! I enjoy giving myself 19 months to figure all of this out. My original date was going to be July 3, 2012 (our anniversary, hence my user name) but with the court order I have with my son and his father I found it would be better in June just in case things change between me and my son's father. I've already gotten a headache over wedding stuff and been SO sick of looking at everything but at least this way I'm not forced to do it...it's just for fun at this point (but I do have my favorite venue).
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  • Congratulations! And welcome to the board! We might become date twins Smile

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