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Just curious....

How many of you are involved with other boards? I am mostly a lurker on DIY, budget weddings, and the classifieds. I want to get involved with other boards besides my local board and this one!

Also, how did you join these boards so it shows up when you click on the "community" tab??  :-) Just want to get more involved!

Re: Just curious....

  • I frequently look at the budget board, DIY board, student board, and my local board.  Every now and then I look at the classifieds too as well as the music board.
  • I try to be as active on the North Carolina board as I can, bit it's always so dead. I've been posting on the Royal Weddings board and I'm trying to jump into the Etiquette board here and there.
  • I lurk on SB and post occassionally.  I'm also planning on chiming in a little more on E.  Other than that I don't have as much time as I'd like to just roam the boards.  My boss has walked in on me surfing the net a few times at work.  So I am trying to cut back on that as much as possible. haha.
  • I visit the DIY and classified boards a lot. My local is not that active unfortunately 

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  • I am on the student boards some and lurk on the DIY board for ideas. And as others have said my local board is pretty dead (and it's too big of an area...all of TN so it's head to talk about relvent stuff).

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  • This is the only board I really post on, but I am always lurking on the DIY, Invites and paper, and the getting in shape board.  My local board is pretty slow, but I check out the other LA areas boards sometimes, just to read stuff.

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  • i lurk on diy and budget (post once in a while) i rarely post anywhere else because of how they jump on you ALL the time.
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  • I'm active on here, budget, moms and maids and my local board :-)

    To get the June 2012 board to show up for me, in my account info I simply put my wedding date in :-)
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  • mostly here, and my local which isn't that active.  iwith the end of the semester, that's all i can sqeeze time for.  but i look forward to nosing around more this summer when i have a little more free time.
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  • My local board isn't very active either. I lurk around all the different boards, but only post here.
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  • I mainly go on here, and my local board.  I've gone on the honeymoon board a few times too.  I will probably start to look at more boards when I get more organized, especially DIY and budget :)
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  • I've tried my local, but it's all girls from Milwakuee and they tend to stick with themselves
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  • I look at the DIY, Invites and Paper, and Budget Weddings besides this one. My local board (all of NM) is totally DEAD!! And I like looking around on the Jewish Board because my FI is half, but it's even more dead than my local one!!
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  • Here and CT mostly
  • Mostly, I'm here, Etiquette, Snarky Brides, Customs and Traditions, and Christian Weddings. I look at DIY, Chit Chat, Pre-wedding..basically I'll look at all of them. lol
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