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Venue Searching DILEMMA!!!!!!

My fiancé and I are going to do walk throughs at a couple of places in September. Originally we thought since we are responsible for most of the wedding we would go just us two and have some time together since we both are super busy with school and work, but then my mother said "So, what weekend in September are we going to see venues. I already spoke to your FMIL and we just wanted to know when. After all he is an only child and you are the only daughter." I spoke to my fiance about it and he said to do whatever I feel is right... but I don't know!!! HELP PLEASE!!!

Re: Venue Searching DILEMMA!!!!!!

  • it can't hurt. they're excited too!

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  • If it were me I would tell them that I want to look a little first and once I have it narrowed down I would invite them.   I really don't like having other people try to sell me on things and I would much rather be able to go in and look around and ask questions so that I can get my own opinion straight before I have other people trying to talk me into stuff. That is just me though. I know that most people aren't like that.   Do whatever you are comfortable with for yourself and your fiance.

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  • I think you should bring them along. I know I am bringing my mom because she is paying for most of the reception so I just think it is fair she sees what she is paying for.
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  • I recently booked my reception and invited my mom. We are also paying for most of the wedding ourselves; however, having my mom at the venue meeting was the best thing I could have ever done. She gave my great advice and questions to ask the venue I would have never thought of. She even wanted to pitch in to help for the alcohol cost after seeing the price :) It may not be such a bad idea to invite your mom and FMIL

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  • Thanks girls! Your opinions really help! 
  • Definitely only do what you feel comfortable.  It is YOUR wedding!!!  But it seems like your mother and your FMIL are getting along really well and that is always something you want to support!  But remember, in the end, do what you want to do and be firm with your choices! =]

  • I'm sure that your mother and FMIL would be really excited to go and ultimately you and your FI make the choice so it couldn't be that bad and i'm sure it will be a good bonding experience.
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  • just thought I should keep everyone updated. Yesterday the FI and I went with my mom, dad, FMIL to see the venue and meet our photographer. They loved the experience! I really liked having them there since it made the experience that much better and they asked very good questions too!

    Thanks for the advice!!
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