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June 2012 Weddings

Engagement Party review

So my engagement party was Saturday and it was pretty good(:

The good part-My grandparents came up from FL and so did my dad. They loved FMIL and FSIL, everyone got along great. It was John Deere theme (like the wedding), we got a white tent and had about ten tables. Everything was yellow and green, we told the Bridesmaids and Groomsmen to wear John Deere shirts:)We had a hugee bonfire and a DJ. It was pretty much like a big BBQ like we wanted. Everyone had a good time and about 60 people showed up.

Bad part- FI and his Dad had been back and forth pretty much forever (it got really bad when he got remarried and had two more kids). Well FI and him haven't talked in 8 months, I've been telling him to call him and make up but now I know why he hasn't. Well went sent him a invite and he didn't show. FI called him around 9, I don't know what was said but i know his stepmom answered and didn't let him talk to his Dad. He got off the phone with her, ran to the truck and started balling(only time I have ever seen him cry). It took me, his mom, his sister and all of his groomsmen to talk him out of going over to his dads, witch was only about 4 miles away. I never really knew how much he was hurt about his whole Dad situation until then. Him going over there would not have ended well. Well once we got him calmed down the rest of the party went back to being fun. Besides the fact the none of the bridesmaids like one of the other girl's I asked. :-/
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