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Sticky Situation/Any SUggestions??

Hi June Brides!... I NEED HELP!!!

I'm still new to all of this, but figured I'd throw this out there to anyone else that may be in the same situation I am in.
My fiance and I are planning on a Dual/Interfaith ceremony since I was raised Protestant and he was raised Catholic. His church and my church have agreed to participate in the ceremony. SO all is good on that front.
Most of the people involved in this wedding are supportive of doing our ceremony this way. However, my finace's family is very very old school Italian and have (for 8 yrs now) insisted on me converting for the sake of their family. They have previously expressed their "disdaine" for any other religious ceremony. In their eyes it is just "not a wedding" if it's not in a Catholic church.
We(my fiance and I) feel this is the best solution, that way neither of us have to convert (at least right now) just for the sake of the wedding.

Anybody else out there experiencing this- or are possibly doing a dual ceremony like us that can give us some pointers or at least some support??!

A Feeling Stuck  Connecticut Bride
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