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Weekend Challenges Accountability

How is everyone doing? I know some of you were doing exhaustion tests this weekend, how did it go?

I did  the dips initial test last night and completed 25. I am really excited about improving that!! I will do W1D1 on Monday.

Today I did:

Push Ups W4D1:
Program Goal: 120
Completed: 120

Sit Ups W2D1:
Program Goal: 94
Completed: 107
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Re: Weekend Challenges Accountability

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    Good Job Chelsea!

    Today I did W4D3:
    Push ups-Program goal: 80 
    Completed: 85

    Sit ups- Program goal:121 

    Squats- Program goal:109
    Completed: 112

    Tomorrow I will be the exhaustion test tomorrow, Fingers crossed I can make it through and onto Week 5.
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    Pushup Exhaustion Test (W4): 35 :(  10 more than my last exhaustion test, but disappointing.  These have gotten so hard for me lately.

    Situp Exhaustion Test (W2): 50!  I doubled my initial test amount!

    ETA: Just saw that my pushups knocked me down to the first column...I missed it by one, and the difference between the two columns is crazy.  I might just try to push myself and stay in the middle column.  The first column is less pushups than I did this week!  
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