June 2012 Weddings

FINALLY! I Found my Dress!! PIP

ok, so i wrote a while back how Priscilla of Boston went out of business and i dropped that dress order, well i've finally found another dress!! I love it, its absolutely beautiful and so perfect for our wedding. 

with a different belt...

My FML bought me the first belt (with all the bling) so it looks like i'm going with that one, lol.  

On another note, I ordered welcome bags for the rooms, water bottles with our labels (thank you wedding channel sale) and decorated the mason jars i'm lining the aisle with. Bought a basket to hold the programs (still need those) bought the nest and robins eggs for the table assignments (going to try my hand at calligraphy on tiny signs i stick in the nest) and bought 3 birdcages to be decorated by our florist to put one on each side of the aisle and one for cards.  Feels like the madness is never ending though, still so much to do!!
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