June 2012 Weddings

What are your thoughts on using a planner?

I'm curious about who is using a planner.  It seems as though around here, there are three levels of involvement:

a) Full planning - planner recommends vendors, helps with negotiation, budget, and vision from the very start.

b) "Medium" planning - planner comes on board a few months before wedding to take care of the knitty gritty details after vendors have already been selected and contracted.

c) DOC - day of ceremony coordination

No one around here posts their prices, so aside from the general percentages given out on TK and other sites, I don't know how much this costs.  I'm actually thinking about hiring someone due to my work schedule, which prevents me from doing too much during certain times of the year.

Anyone thinking about using a planner, already using one, or have a friend who used one?  What have been your experiences?
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