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NWR: Feeling a little bummed today... (kinda long)

So last night at curling I played really bad and I cost my team the game (we shouldn't have lost to that team). So I was a little bummed, but FI was still upbeat. We get home and brush our teeth and I was feeling a little better, but then FI got into one of his moods. I have no idea what it was that set him off, but it's always something I say or do (usually without thinking, first, and it's usually something insensitive that comes out the wrong way).

Anyways, when he gets in these moods (bummed, disappointed) he kind of closes himself off. Usually the only thing I can do is hold him and give him spaceuntil he's ready to open up about what's bothering him. He always does open up within a day or so, but in the meantime I always feel really bad/sad because I don't like seeing him this way (his texts are very short, when we're together he's very quiet, etc.).

On a positive note, once he opens up we talk about it and he'll return to his normal self after everything's cleared up. I'm hoping he opens up at lunch time. I love him and I know that these moments will happen occasionally, I just don't like when they do. I just hate when I disappoint him, because that's the worst.

Then, I had been talking to my mom a couple weekends ago about how I was opening a new bank account and that we were thinking of FI being on the account, too. She said to just open one under my name and to add FI when we get married. I had forgotten that FI needs to be on the account in order for us to get a mortgage with the credit union, and failed to mention that to her. Our debit cards were sent to my parents' house, and I still haven't had a chance to explain to my mom in person about it. I just sent her an e-mail about my dad's Christmas present being shipped and that it'd be at the house on Tuesday, and I had a very short and curt answer.

I might be taking my mom's reply out of proportion (she could be busy), but all this negative energy is bumming me out :/

Sorry for the essay, this ended up being longer than I intended. Just wanted to get it out because all this emotion usually just stays bottled up inside of me.
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