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Update on R (P&R)

Hey guys.  I just wanted to let you all know that R is doing ok, but it's still touch and go.  He had surgery Friday morning to get rid of the infected tissue in his foot and leg and then another operation today to make sure they got everything.  From what the nurse told me yesterday, they biopsied the tissue they removed Friday and he also has an infection called blastomycosium, but last I heard they weren't sure if he inhaled the fungus or got it in the cut on his foot.  He's in the Critical Care Unit on heavy antibiotics, but he's not out of the woods yet. 
As far as I know I'm still going up next week to see him, but I might be going to Winnipeg instead, because he will most likely still be in the hospital.  I'm not sure how this will affect his move but I'm calling his worker tomorrow.
I just want to say thanks for all the prayers and good thoughts, and I'll keep everyone posted as I know more.
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