June 2012 Weddings

Got the dress need ideas for the accessories! With Pics :)

Finally got my dress this week, I've had problems finding one due to being pretty busty but I found the design I wanted and I"m happy with it.
Here it is:

The belt is seperate, they're handmade so this one is white in the photo but mine will be ivory to match the dress. Also this one is a bit beat up from being the sample.

Here's the back which is what begins my questions.. :)

Again my belt will not show as white it's ivory BUT.
1. Should I have the belt sewn into dress to avoid having the sash hang down as my dress has buttons up the back?
2. Does it add to the look and look okay as is (I'd probably tie it nicer) or maybe shorten it?
3. I've thought about adding a slip to give it some more ballgown like bottom as that's what I had originally envisioned in a dress but I'm not sure if it needs it?
4. Also I'm wearing my hair at least half down so I'm not sure if I should wear a necklace or just earrings since the belt has so much going on. I wanted to wear something in my hair either a comb or headband/NOT TIARA.. but I'm just torn.

Any advice or thoughts I'd appreciate :)
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