June 2012 Weddings

Midge - How long did you last?

Apparently trick or treating stars here at 5:30 [Thank God I left practice early or else I would have missed like 30 minutes!]  We lasted LESS THAN AN HOUR!  6 bags of candy! One had over 100 pieces! They have a contest at the school here (right down the street) and then a huge parade came by....and wiped us completely out.  I'm talking, 35 trick or treaters from 5:30-6:00 (ish because most kids hit us on their way to the school to form the parade) and then the parade came and we were literally at the door the entire time as kids pushed their way up and down the steps for 15 minutes.  It was insanity.  But totally awesome.  Especially the little kids whose parents say "only one" and they take 4, and say I only took one! hahaha

I didn't even have time to dress up because I assumed it started at 6:00 at the latest...I hadn't even showered and FI wasn't home from work yet.  
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