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T & P for my kitten

As you may remember my fiance and I recently got a kitten. She's about 11 weeks old now and she is limping today :( My FI said she was fine when he got up this morning then she started limping after his sister played with her without either of us around. His sister being around her has worried me because she seems a little too forceful with her. Now I'm worried something happened and she's afraid to tell us. His mom and my FI both asked her and said we're not mad we just wanna know. She is very shy and just kinda sat there and shook her head. She is also VERY sleep today. It's all she's been doing. She is usually very active but not today :( I'm very worried about her and we're moving tomorrow. I have a friend that recommended a vet and my FI also has a friend in his last year of vet school. I just hope she gets better. I hate seeing her like this :( Thanks for letting me ramble
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