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Gah I'm sick and feel awful :( (Long with updates CN @ bottom)

I am so tired of being sick,  I had the flu for almost 2 weeks, finally started to feel better around Wednesday, and then I got hit by this nasty cold virus Monday night.  It hit me out of no where, I started to feel like a cold was coming on around 9:30 and by 2 am my throat was so swollen I couldn't swallow.  I was praying all day yesterday that it was just allergies but my ears didn't hurt and my ears always hurt when I have an allergy attack.

I had to work all day yesterday and today, and today I found out that you could end up with an eye infection and the cold can last like 3 weeks.  I feel awful, I still have to get through one more shift tomorrow (I don't have the option of calling in sick) and then I plan to sleep most of Friday and then hopefully enjoy some sun and feel well enough for fireworks Friday night.

Other than that, life has been kind of weird the last couple of weeks.   I found out R (my son) is indeed moving closer to me, but not as close as originally planned.  Instead of moving him to NS, he's going to a treatment center in Trenton, ON.  It sounds like a really great place, and I am very excited he'l finally be in a decent treatment program and he'll really be a lot closer to me.  I'll get to see him 4 times a year, and be included in plan of care, and counselling sessions with him as well as trainig sessions for me to know for when he does eventually come back with me.:) 
And his worker told me tonight I'll be able to go to my hometown for his birthday, and make the flight back to T.O. and to the new place with him, and be there when he gets settledbefore I fly back to NS :)

Oh, and finally, FI and I are considering changing our venue.  we saw new pics of it (we didn't make our go-see since I was too sick) and I just started to feel unsure about it.  Plus it is $2000 for the ceremony outside and the barn for the reception and we would still have to bring in a caterer.  I was looking on a local vendor website and saw pictures of the local golf club.  I checked out their website and the room looks gorgeous, and I know that the pics they used are from my decorator/florist.  It's $400 plus catering, and FI likes it because they offer a BBQ buffet.  This place is literally a 10 minute walk from my house, I can actually see the golf course from my front yard.  I emailed them and if they are available for my date and aren't going to kill us on catering, I'll have that check next weeknd :)

CN: I've been horribly ill most of June, my son is moving to the GTA, and we might be changing venues link to new possibility: https://picasaweb.google.com/kenwogolf/KenWoWeddingFacilities
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