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June 2012 Weddings

Father/Daughter Song Dilemma.. Help!

Hey All.
Here's my situation: my parents are divorced, have been for 8 years. They have both moved on, and are civil but definitely not each other's biggest fans if ya know what I mean ;) They will be fine at my wedding but I'm working on picking out a few song ideas for my dad for our dad/daughter dance and I'm running into a problem. A few songs I like keep mentioning "your mother", for example my dad raised me on Buffett and one of my top contenders is little miss magic (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x37PT-nUXGg) but there's a repeated line in the chorus that says "your mother still the only other woman for me".. do you think this would be awkward?? I have considered editing the line out but since it's the chorus it will probably destroy the song.
Thanks for your input! :)
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