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June 2012 Weddings

Will you be my groomsman? PIP

Two of FI's friends graduated this weekend. So we had a BBQ yesterday to celebrate. One of his GMs lives in CO and came down for his graduation.

We wanted to ask him while he was here so we didn't have to ship beer to him. I made these labels a while ago, but we just haven't gotten the beer and put the labels on. Once we did it though we were like, ugh should have done this months ago! Haha Anyway, here is a photo:

His Best Man is late for everything so when we gave him his we said you can only accept this under one condition: YOU HAVE TO BE ON TIME OR EARLY!! He laughed and swore he would be on time and even put it in his phone as an all day event. :P

All in all it was good. FI passed out 3 of his 6. All said yes and were all super excited and loved the beer. Another friend that just got engaged asked us to make some for their wedding. lol
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