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Buried Treasure

So I posted my proposal in the just engaged forum, but does not seem like there is much action over there...sorry for saying the same story twice, but I think this was such an amazing proposal!We were camping and had brought supplies for a time capsule. He began digging and pulled out a treasure chest....he asked me to open it, but I said I didn't want to get my hands muddy. So he came to sit beside me and opened the chest and there was a ring box, at which point he got down on one knee!!!!And if that wasn't enough- he had a CD in the car labeled "I hope you said yes!" And we went to a vineyard and then out to an amazing restaurant where our table was high above the others and surrounded by gauzy curtains. It was unbelievable! So over the top- i LOVED every second of the day!

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    WOW so cute and different!!! Congrats!
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    What a great proposal!  And then a whole day of special  time together.  He's a keeper!  Best wishes as you plan your wedding.
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    That is a really cute story, thanks for sharing it :)
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    my ring was in a buried treasure chest too! but we were on the beach. love it :-)
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