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Back, baby back!! I'm backkkk (Lots of PIP)

Hey ladiesss! So its been  some days since the wedding (10.22.11). We came back from our honeymooon yesterday. It was lovely. But i digress! So 10.22.11 came and went! Oh my it was -to date- the BESTTT day of my life! The weather was PERFECT, the sun was shining BRIGHT, i mean it was just a GORGEOUSSS day!

My family had been coming in from back home since the beginning of the month and by the week of the wedding, all my loved ones were here. We had my bridal shower which was sooo much fun the saturday before the wedding. My sisters did a LOVELYY job. Fast forward to Thursday it was a FULLL house by now. We had my "kitchen party" which is kind of like a bridal shower but only married women are invited. So it was all my married aunts, married friends, and cousins. They gave me advice about EVERYTHINGGG!! From the bedroom, to the kitchen, cleanliness, respect, finances, communication EVERYTHING! Its defnitely the right way to prepare for marriage.

Friday, i was sooo busy running around getting last minute things, we had the rehearsal, then headed home. There were sooo many people  who had come in from out of town, so they all came to say hello and my mom had cooked dinner. I didnt leave home til around 11, then went to check in to the hotel. Some of my girls stayed with me and dispite my plans of getting some beauty sleep, we were up til 3AM just chatting, drinking and having fun.

Saturday morning i was too anxious i couldnt sleep past 8. We woke up and went for breakfast, then had to go back home to get some things i had forgotten. Then i remembered i had to buy a unity candle. Thank God there was a Walmart close to the hotel so we ran in and got it.
My hair dresser was supposed to come at 12 and was TWOOO hours late!! Good thing my makeup artist was early, so we started with that. The photog and videographer came and started doing their thing. Once i had my hair and makeup done, we were supposed to go take some pictures at a castle nearby but the freakin groomsmen were running LATE!!! I had some diva groomsmen mann!!! So we missed on that opportunity. But good thing my venue had a nice place to take pictures.

Then it came time for the ceremony! I WAS NOTTTT LATE!!! This was a big deal because i am usually late for EVERYTHING! The ceremony was short and sweet followed by the cocktail hour which was a HUGEEE hit!! There was an abundance of food! And it was delishhhhh!! Then it was on to the reception! I.LOVED.EVERYTHING about the reception! The food was awesome, the decor was lovely, the lighting was perfect, the viennese hour and fire show was on point, the DJ did his thing! It was really an amazing night. People were on the dance floor until the last minute!

By the end of the night, the bridal party and some of our friends and cousins came back to the hotel - which was another party in itself! Good times!

I dont have my pro pics yet, but here are some pics from friends and fam.

my sissys and i... (my twin with the short cut, and older sis to the right)

Blessing the person next to u

Ladies, when ur big day comes, ENJOYYY it. The planning may get to us at times, but at the end of the day, it'll be allllll worth it!

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Re: Back, baby back!! I'm backkkk (Lots of PIP)

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