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Can you help me choose between these caterers?

I'm really torn between Daniel's Catering, Lisa Dupar, and Tom Douglas. They are all at similar price points, with similar menus, and all of the food sounds delicious... so how do you or did you choose?My one caveat with TD is that they don't seem very easy to work with, and aren't sure that my venue has a large enough kitchen.Daniel's has been nothing but awesome, responsive, and friendly.LD has been fine, but not quite as warm/fuzzy as Daniel's.I can post the menus we're considering if that helps, but I'm mostly just interested in opinions on these caterers (and I have read the reviews). TIA!

Re: Can you help me choose between these caterers?

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    My company uses Lisa Dupar a lot and the food is amazing.  Our event coordinator seems to really like their services but I can only attest to their food and professionalism "on the job" so to speak.  We chose because our venue has exclusive catering.  The bright side is it's not super pricey (not cheap by any means either).  I think TD has great food but I think you might find a more refined elegant feel from Lisa Dupar.  She is also known to cater for Bill Gates' functions from time to time.  I don't have any experience with Daniels, though.  Sorry.  I this helps a little.  GL!
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    I've been to a couple of work related events catered by Tom Douglas -the food was great. Lisa Dupar sounds great I looked at her website but I haven't had her food. I don't know Daniel's Catering.
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    I agree with you about Tom Douglas being difficult to work with. I emailed them and called them to ask for a quote and no one called me back. Needless to say if they don't want my business I don't want to do business with them :)
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    Go with your gut. I'd say from what you've posted here, that Daniel's Broiler is the best choice for you. Yes, TD has great food, and so does LD. But if you get the best service from one over the rest, go with the best service. It'll mean one less headache the day of. :) HTH!
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