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So I am anxious to see what this DVD looks like..... I totally dont like the way I look in video, but I know there were some things I'm glad got captured on tape! To the ladies who are iffy on whether or not to use a videographer, I say.....DO IT! My day was such a blur, I need the DVD just to bring my memory back! Also, did I tell yall how my photographer brought his wife in to video the ceremony and reception? So it looked as if I had TWO videographers! lol I dont know what was up with that.... I still need to holla at him about it.  Guests were telling me they didnt know which camera to do the interviews with....

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    ::coming out of lurkdom:: I have to agree with Romey. Get someone to video your wedding, even if it isn't a professional. We hired this aspiring professional for dirt cheap and he stayed the entire day. He edited the video with music, but that left out a TON of the day, so we asked for the uncut version, which we like way better b/c it captured all the hidden things I didn't get to see beforehand for being held captive before the ceremony. ::going back to lurker-ville::
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    Yes..i third that emotion: get the videographer. On mine u can hear me saying "he didn't say obey" during the vows. When we were going down the stairs to do the sand ceremony, i clearly say "don't let me fall!" and he says "i gotcha baby". When we got the video back, i said you could hear a rat piss on cotton with them dang mics b/c there were a few other 'whispered' comments between P and I that anyone who watches the video will hear! Priceless. Romey i know yours if full of foolishness, cuz u don't know how to act!
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    YES! so just imagine my family and those who I roll with! LOL chile it was some THANGS to be remembered!
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