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Hey girl!Just want to say, I hope FI is doing well. I prayed for all you knottie girls last night and this morning cause there are some of you that are really going through it. As you already know, God is good, so just keep him close and you all will stay blessed.Back to the vow situation. I just don't know where to begin.... I used to write stories and poems when I was younger, but I just haven't been able to quite get out what I want to say.

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    Send me an email answering theses 5 questions: 1. Why do you love him? 2. What made you fall in love with him? 3. Why are you marrying him? 4. What is the one thing that he does that makes you go arghhh? 5. Describe him in one word. my email is alandamika at gmail dot com
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