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OK. So I have been creating some crazy i-boards on SMP.  Here are the two I posted so far.If I Were A Boy: Red: tool that Abby has put together to make the i-boards are AWESOME. All you do is choose your template and drag your images into the boxes.  Y'all ain't ready for this thang to go live.....LOL!

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    Can you email me the info on the boards? What program are you using? TIA!
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    When I do them myself I use Jasc Paintshop Pro 8.  The software is kinda expensive and hard to learn.  This has driven many brides crazy so Style Me Pretty is trying to come up with a way from brides to create them easily on her site.  The Style Circle with the I-board feature is not live yet but coming soon. She asked me to test it out for her along with a few other of her subscribers. I'll email you the detatils so I can get one made for you using her tool.Cicy 
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