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Girl so I have been sleeping on your bio but it is the bomb! We have the same taste but girl I love the direction you are going in, your wedding is going to be sooooo nice. The theme for my wedding was butterflies as well. Will you be using them on anything? what is your theme? I need your email address...give it up lol.

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    hey are too funny "I have been sleeping on your bio"...thank you for the compliment but girl it aint all that, I just got tired of not having one and also because I really needed to put my thoughts down before I changed the direction I wanted to take due to looking at everyone else's wonderful bios...LOL!...yes I'm using butterflies too cuz I absolutely LOVE THEM!...I'm going to put some "flying" butterflies in my centerpieces, they'll be on my cake and on the paper laterns above the dance floor.Our theme is LOVE, LIFE and LONGEVITY which brings us to why I'm using butterflies (known to represent love, martial bliss & long life/transformation) and peacocks (known to represent patience & compassion).my addy is fmcmillan at verizon dot net if you ever wanna hit me up personally and you know you added me as a friend on FB, so you can hit me up that way too...  :)
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    ok cool!
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