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the pose is the one with Tariji (sp) standing with her arms crosses covering her "girls" (no bra) w/just some high waisted undies & high heels on...the way she was standing was beautiful and I did it in the mirror and was "hawt damn I think I can do that if I keep up with what I'm doing plus some photog magic won't hurt if there's some 'spillage' on the side of the undies!"...LOL!  :)

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    edited December 2011
    btw - you know I will be on serious WATCH waiting to see your pics at the end of this month cuz I know they are gonna be on FIRE!! :)
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    edited December 2011
    ah yes! That's a great pose! Even if your goodies escape just a smidge, it's enough to get the juices flowing! I have some bigguns myself so lawd knows I can't cover them up completely with just my arms! =)I will page you directly when the photos are ready! I don't know how long they'll take--hopefully not too long.
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