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Remember I complained to my cupcake lady and the dj about their services on my wedding day?The cupcake lady apologized and mailed me a $50 visa gift card and a free cake. The cake was wonderful-I knew she could bake I just don't know what happened at my wedding! We used the gift card to go out on a date Saturday night which was so on time because we've been so broke after this wedding. I appreciate her acknowledging my email and when I create my wedding bio I will tell the truth about the suckiness of her cupcakes on my wedding day but say how she tried to make up for it.Now, the DJ has not responded to my emails so I emailed him back today and I have gotten the information on how to file a lawsuit in small claims court. If he just responds and tries to work this out with me, then I'll leave it alone but I hate to be ignored so I'm taking this all the way!

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