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Hey Ladies it's been FOREVER just updating!

oooh... it's been months since I've stopped by sorry ladies!  Lot's of amazing new developments though.   Can I just say AMEN!!!  Since me and Netzer ended our relationship some of the most amazing things have happened. All that I can really say is glory be to God that all things work to the good of them that Love HIM.  :-)   So much truth was revealed out of that situation, I know that I was saved from what would have ultimately been a very unhappy existence with Netzer.   And because I was freed from this relationship I was able to be open to the reconciliation of the family I started with my sons father 3 years ago.I guess I'll just summarize by saying that we really took the time to reconnect and talk and I was gently reminded of what love can look like, and is through that awesome man.  It's easy to forget when you have a tall handsome distraction, but I thank God that He loves me enough to clear the path for this reminder.  So we are now a month into reconciliation and it's been more than I ever could have asked for.....I'll keep you posted!   :-)

Re: Hey Ladies it's been FOREVER just updating!

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