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Oh no he didn't

As you ladies know FMIL said she may not come to the wedding! We have been getting closer going to the gym! SO she started to open up she said, " rememeber when I said I wasnt coming to the wedding I said yeah  "well Jay never  said to me yall were getting married! Im hurt by that"My mouth drop I thought he discussed it with his mom. NOt asking for an approval but just to tell her before she hears it Im not mad at him but I was suprised a little. I told him what she said to me! HE siad oh no NOw I must be a son! lol I just laughed he is hard to get to know she is menopausinig with an attitude
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Re: Oh no he didn't

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    LMAO!! @ she is menopausing with an attitude. That is crazy though. He should have at least mentioned it to her
    Lovin Kimmie
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    Hm, you know, I don't think that is to un-common. My FI didn't tell his parents until after we got engaged. Thankfully there were no hurt feelings. :-)
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    My bf told me that when we do get engaged, he was going to tell his parents afterwards. It didn't offend me, because I don't want him to feel pressured, so I told him that's fine. He did tell me though, that he mentions our relationship to his brother and cousin, to see if I'm the right one for him. :) At least somebody knows when the time is right.
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