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Never under estimate the power of prayer!

This morning I woke up and decided to check my email and bank account online before I left to go to court. I rarely do this because I usually check my email at night. But I was fighting a cold and went to bed early.When I got to my bank account online information I realized that my direct deposit from my job was higher than normal. So all kinds of thoughts came over me. Once I got to court I decided to call FI to tell him what happened. Because of my concerns he said let's pray then call your job. So I checked in the courtroom to make sure the calendar call did not start and I called HR to find out what was going on with my check. I found out that I got a raise! All this time I was praying for God to allow me to keep my job in this economic time because large law firms are closing and he had bigger plans for me. It get's better... When I returned to my office, I got an email alert on one of my cases that I argued and wrote the opposition papers to a petition in the Appellate Term of the Supreme Court. The judge rulled in my favor!!!!! I was able to get the case dismissed against our client. At the same time I was reading the decision, I got an email from one of the executive partners telling me GREAT JOB! I had to take some time and thank the Lord!

Re: Never under estimate the power of prayer!

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