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UNEXPECTED CHECK!! Kind of Long...Forgive me, I'm long winded...LOL

Okay so let me first put it out there by saying that when it comes to this wedding....I have a STEAK APPETITE and a BOLOGNE BUDGET!!  Whether it was the cake, the linen, the dress, give me a row of wedding itmes to pick from  and I WILL 10 times out of 10 pick the most expensive item out of the line up.  Anyways, wedding invitations were no different.  The invitations I originally wanted would have ran us about $500-600 dollars, and that was for only 100 invites.  Anywho...I decided to settle on the invites and do them myself.  So I bought some from staples.  For the $60 I paid for them, they're really nice.  Well to make a longer story shorter...I have had these things for a little over a month.  They've been looking at me, I've been looking at them. They've been looking at me, I've been walking past them.  They've been looking at me, I've been...well you get my point.  So anyways, I had finally decided, with some encouragement from my mom that I would take them to Staples and have them printed there because I was terrified of messing them up.  I had the template of how I wanted it but just had to take it to the store and see if they could do it.  Well tonight, in a momentary lapse of insanity...I got my EPSON NX515 all in one printer and said...I wonder what ONE invite and ONE RSVP would look like.  So I printed them out on the test paper and then printed out real ones.  BEFORE I KNEW IT, I HAD PRINTED OUT ALL MY INVITES AND ALL MY RSVPS.  Now I'm not gonna lie me and this printer almost came to blows..but still...CHH--EEEEEEEEEE--CKKKKKK.  I'm so happy I can hardly stand it.  My honey woke up a few minutes ago (he's in Iraq) and he was so proud when I showed him.  So now I'm beaming from ear to ear like I made the principal's honor roll or something, lol.  Just had to share that and the corny pic, lol.
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Re: UNEXPECTED CHECK!! Kind of Long...Forgive me, I'm long winded...LOL

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    That's a big accomplishment. Like you, I also wanted invitations that would've ran me about $500 and that didn't include reply cards. I wanted DIY invites but my mother has forbidden me to do that. I found some that I really like and they are still reasonable.

    Your invitations look great! Happy planning Cool!
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    Congrats on a major check! You did a great job, those invites are fab!
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    Great job!!! You keep  me rolling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOL
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