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Week I wish that wasn't

So, Thurs FI had the test and failed. I was miserable all week, as his lack of studying (imo) his going to the Poison concert, being tired, leaving a mess, the heat/humidity, not being able to go to the gym as I was mentally not with it....and by Friday I had a mental break down of sorts.

The complete breaking point was when FI called and I asked if his ex packed a bag of clothing (in the court order it does say Mother shall supply clothing- she never does) and we are broke and I can't just run out and buy my soon to be step son bathing suits and shorts ect. I wanted to do a family walk on the beach, left the kids splash in the water, but it ruins so many plans and she never packs him clothing. All we have is winter stuff I bought at X-mas. So I flipped out internally and took off with my daughter to a friend's house to just destress and not take it all out on FI.

Well he ended up showing up there and didn't help me out. I was boiling mad. Just the silent kind. Saturday, I took off to my aunts and vanished for a whole day. Looking at wedding stuff and pricing out DIY's for invites and everything put me in a happier mood. (if that is even possible. lol)

I'm doing better currently, I think. FI snuggled up to me and gave me a nice back rub last night, and he is rescheduled to take the test Tues.

I feel like so much is riding on him passing. He didn't fail that bad. He missed it by 5 questions and he will study tonight and tomorrow. I have to hunt down the administration part that is one he failed that I cannot find in the book. We need him to pass the test and get the job. He just needs this license and the last day is Tues for the job posting. I'm trying not to stress out this week.

I cannot wait for 20 more mins for True Blood and going to relax with a crystal light and vodka.

Sorry, I feel like all I do is gripe about things, but I'm just going mentally insane and it kinda helps to write it out and have other's tell me it's not so bad, or sympathize with me. Maybe I will have some good news Tuesday?
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